CURSED Asg Series Bb’s 0.25g 1kg 4000 BB’s White 6mm Pellets


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The CURSED BB series Delivers on precision, quality and are of high density construction. Made for every type of Airsoft gun, the CURSED series brings the Airsoft player one step closer to the ultimate Airsoft experience. With its consistent spherical shape and using high quality material the CURSED series is the best choice for those that seek the very best in BBs. The CURSED series will elevate the experienced Airsoft player to a whole new level – while giving the novice player the edge in every firefight.


  • The Cursed range of BBs from ASG are a high grade airsoft BB suitable for all airsoft guns.
  • Made to a high tolerance of +/- 0.01mm; 5.95m diameter,Available in a large 1kg resealable bag, 4000 BBs per bag.
  • Manufactured to be perfectly round and smooth, allowing for superior feeding in high end guns with tightbore barrels thanks to the high polish finish.
  • 0.25g in weight
  • Additional care has been taken to ensure a highly consistent weight across batches.

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