DNA Leisure Battery Operated USB Silver GEL SOFT Pistol


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This is a Gel Soft Toy Water Ball Guns!

They’re fantastic for both kids and adults as they fire a soft, frangible water-polymer mix that expands when wet and shatters when fired. Like paintballs except they don’t stain, mark or cause injuries.

The ammunition is biodegradable, cheap and a huge amount of fun to use! Simply charge the gun for 3/5 hours and insert into the gun. Use the red dot sight to aim and make maximum use of the 25m max range of the guns! The guns are fully automatic and run from a new and improved 2018 battery that’s USB chargeable. The guns include laser sights and torches for accuracy and come with a faux sight on the top. The sight on the top doubles as a hopper for approx. 100 Gel-Soft balls. These are huge amounts of fun for everyone, just be sure to wear the included safety glasses.


  • Brand new and improved Gel-Soft guns for 2018! THIS IS NOT A BB GUN – they’re water ‘ball’ blasters that fire globes of water like paintballs. Non-toxic and safe around pets and children over 14 (although you should avoid letting them eat them).
  • These are uniquely entertaining toys which are great for whole families to enjoy. They fire balls of water-polymer that expand when soaked and shatter on impact leaving a tiny splat of water. This means no mess and no injury! Simply soak the dry ammo for 3 hours and watch your bullets grow!
  • These guns are USB chargeable with a brand new and improved 2018 battery with longer use time and faster fire rate. The guns are fully automatic with a 25m range but safe to shoot at any distance. Low powered compared to paintballs, but by no means weak. They can sting slightly!
  • These toy guns make great Christmas and Birthday presents. They’re great fun for all ages including teenagers and are even good for target practice when high power air or paintball guns are not suitable. Buy two and start a water fight with your friends!
  • Box contains: 1 x Toy Gun, Torch and Laser Sight, Safety Glasses, USB Charger & Battery, Silencer, Jar of Ready Made Ammo. Now Comes with 3000 Extra Ammo.

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