Gonher Large 8 Shot Cowboy Toy Cap Gun


Gonher Large 8 Shot Cowboy Cap Gun
Diecast metal

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Gonher Large 8 Shot Cowboy Cap Gun – diecast metal
Fires 8 shot ring caps
Works with and without caps
Great for fancy dress also popular as party bag filler
Great detailing on gun and plastic handle
Approx 27cm
CE Approved
Ages 8+

This Wild West Cowboy style cap gun is one of our most popular diecast cap gun range.  It is made in Spain by the cap gun specialists Gonher.  This is the slightly larger longer version at 27cm.  It has a diecast body and is not too large.  The detailing is superb on the body and the styling suits the Wild West Cowboy theme.

Loading caps is very easy, press the trigger next to the firing hammer on the top read side to release the barrel chamber, add any 8 shot ring caps and press back into place,  then fire away!  There is a small hole on the side labelled oil, just add some lubrication oil occasionally to keep the mechanism running smooth.

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