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  • 51bBpyyRWTL. SL500 . SS400

    8 Shot Cap Gun Refill Packs For Toy Guns, Set of 72 Cap Rings, 98 Shots, Pistol Sound Effect Caps, Novelty Banger Bullet Pellets.


    ? ? ? PROVIDES HOURS OF FUN – Classic toy cap guns have been entertaining children for generations. Caps are loaded with shock sensitive explosive compounds (about 2mm in diameter) that provide the noise and smoke. When the trigger is pulled on a cap gun a spring loaded hammer strikes the cap with a bang and a gunpowder smell.
    ? ? ? FITS ALL 8 SHOT RING GUNS – Get your ammo refill packs for your Cowboy, Police, Revolver or SWAT Team guns. A great toy for kids who love spending hours playing cowboys and police men with cap guns. Works with all 8 ring shot cap guns, metal or plastic! Can be cut and used in spud guns and cap bombs.
    ? ? ? GREAT GIFT IDEA – All kids & adults love playing with guns. Ideal as a prop and perfect for use with Western Costumes and Fancy Dress. Premium Quality ring caps. Made in Italy. Best cap rings on the market!